Assignment -4 Cell Phone Use

In our school cell phones aren’t allowed to be used. Some kids like having cell phones and other kids strongly disagree.Everyone has a different opinion.

CONS- The cons of having a cell phone in class is often used.

  • Distractions- Often teenagers and children are glued to there phone. But in class they could easily go on their phone and play games or go on social media instead of paying attention to there teacher or even a lesson being taught. Students can become bored and instantly take their mobile devices and go on Twitter, Instagram, etc.. Students tend to check the feed or notifications. You except them to learn knowledge but that means them not checking their phones and loosing focus.
  • Cheating- As much as students aren’t allowed to have phones during test or exams, there is such thing as “passing notes” which allow students to share answers. A student could ask to go to the “bathroom” and send a text or picture of anything allowing another person to copy. A phone provides the internet or google to ask questions and get millions of answers

PROS- The pros of having cell phones are very different.

  • Instant Communication- In case of any emergency a student could easily pull their phone out and contact any adult in need of help. Maybe because of an injury, fire, etc.. A student may also need to call or text home for a specific reason like personal problems. During free time a student/child could use their phones to text friends. They might have after school plans but might no be able to see that person during school. Having a phone would make it easier.
  • Voice- A student that cant “jot down” things on paper might need to hear it over and over again to learn that topic and/or lesson. So a student can record what that teacher if saying so when he/she is home can use that voice recording and listen to help them learn it. Using hearing might be easier to study than writing because when learning visually you might not get it all the way.


2 Thoughts.

  1. I agree with your post. I do think students should have cell phones on at all times in case there is an emergency and the office or staff is not getting in contact in time. That way the student can call the emergency services if needed. I also do agree with the cons because there are some risks of cheating and being distracting to students. Students could be playing games or texting each other answers. Your post is very informative.

  2. I did the same topic, and I agree with everything on here. Emergencies can be easily notified to any parent if students have their phones out. Plus, if the whole building goes up in flames then at least you won’t have to pay for a new phone. Unfortunately, some students have complete disregard for proper cell phone usage, and use it for their own purposes. I hate to admit it, but their are just too many kids in each school to determine if cell phone usage can be a thing without all heck breaking loose. I want phones in school but that’s just the reality of things.

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